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Love This App

I love this app and the layout is very efficient. The pictures are so beautiful. One thing I would like is to be able to add my own notes if I personalize the recipe. Also, if there were a place to add my own WFPB recipes. Thank you so much for this service.

Simple is good too though

Wonderful idea, but ultimately I am demotivated and when I see “pressure/slow cookers, Japanese yams, rice syrup, etc” app has faded from me time and time again because of these things. I want to just drop by a farmers market or my trader joes and grab these my ingredients.


This app is my favorite of them all but you should definitely add a sections for drinks it would make it sooo much better

Outstanding and Growing

Wonderful app for eating well and especially for the WFPB diet. Recipes layout is well thought out and beautifully displayed. The search and category features allow easy browsing and meal planning. And the library of recipes keeps growing!

Fabulous app but....

I love almost everything about this app. I love the recipes we’ve tried so far, the interface with shopping list options. I REALLY wish there was basic nutrition and portion size guidelines for the recipes. With that addition, I would give the app 6 stars.

Recipes only, no meal planner

I thought I was purchasing a meal planner plus recipe app.. I see now that the meal planner is a separate purchase. Plant based recipes are widely available online without paying.


Wish you never purchased the app

Aquafaba ingredient destroys recipes

You have to have a lot of canned beans to waste or plan WAY ahead of time to make your own “aquafaba.” Is that actually a word? Those recipes should be replaced with something we can actually use. I keep stumbling across that as an ingredient that makes the recipe useless Even making your own is a pain to tell if the consistency is correct.

Forks Over Knives

I bought the app expecting more than recipes, success stories, and opportunities to sell more of their products. I agree that it’s good to go to a recipe, and then add needed ingredients to your shopping list, but you can only do that with recipes on their app. Another element lacking is the ability to plan your meals utilizing the app, and then add needed ingredients to the shopping list. Instead, they want to sell you their meal planning app which does not necessarily coincide with individual priorities. The book, The Forks Over Knives Plan: A 4-Week Meal-By-Meal Makeover, asks you to prioritize what you want to get out of a whole food-plant based diet. My priorities are health, ease, pleasure, and acceptance. The Forks Over Knives Meal Planning app does not appear to do that, because they provide the dishes for that week, and it does not appear to take into consideration locally grown produce, and time constraints. The Forks Over Knives app would benefit from putting blank meal planning forms online so that individuals could fill in their meal plans. It would also be useful to have the ability to incorporate recipes from some of the many other books in their series. Maybe they don’t want to miss the opportunity to sell you more of their books with these recipes. You should be able to have access to all of their “branded” recipes on the app. It’s too bad that the app is more into selling you cooking classes, meal planning apps, and events, rather than assisting in helping to create a healthier individual. Profits seem to be of greater importance.

Not worth paying for

This app is fine. It’s nice to have all of the whole Food recipes in one place. Often when searching online a lot of the recipes that come up are not actually whole food so this is nice for that reason, however I have seen quite a few of these recipes for free online so paying for the app feels like a foolish purchase. What I really need from this app is for it to tell me how long sauces and dressings and such can keep in the fridge. There are quite a few things, examples being cheese sauce or pasta sauce, that I would love to make a large jar of but I do not have freezer space so I’d like to know how long they would keep in the fridge. You also cannot view the ingredients and recipes at the same time so you have to keep switching back and fourth to see what quantities you need to be adding. This also isn’t a meal planning app as it claims to be, it is just a WFPB recipe database. To recap: the recipes look good but can be found elsewhere online, you cannot plan meals by day or week, I don’t know how long the food I make will keep, poor navigation/organization. If it was free this app would be great but all in all: Not worth the money.

Best recipe app out there

Of course the recipes are wonderful but the functionality of the app is far beyond anything else out there. This app is so easy to use. You can add individual ingredients to the shopping list or all, you can easily switch between instructions and ingredient list amounts without changing screens. And you can mark your favorite recipes. The recipes are also really simple!! Love it.

Recipes are Unappealing

First off, LOVE LOVE this documentary. Thank you so much! But in sadness, I find that the recipes here (especially breakfast) Just sound like I’d rather be choking down wood chips :*( For veganism to stick (especially for those who are not moral vegans but rather those attempting to make the switch for their health) it needs to be tempting to the palate and relatively easy to make. Most of the recipes have ingredients I’ve never heard of, let alone purchased before. (Seriously chick pea flour?) Sorry not my cup of tea


What a great App! What more can you say!

Awesome! Well worth the $

I love most of the recipes, I love the app so I can do some planning and grocery shopping, the shopping list is very helpful. Really well organized, very healthy, easy to use, and it looks great too!


I can't begin to explain how much Dr Esselstyn's diet changed my life for the better. Get empowered to improve yours!!!

Transitioning to a plant based diet..

This app has made my transition to a plant based diet so much easier..the recipes are so easy to follow.. and everything I have made has been delicious..I highly recommend paying the $4.99..the movie was very helpful as well..


Affordable and easy to navigate, this app has it all. More than enough recipes to keep every member of your family happy and full. Just tap and you have your shopping list for your new recipe. Don't hesitate to purchase this awesome app. Happy tummies await!

Doesn’t include access to the meal planner stuff

This is hugely disappointing! I pay for the meal planner and I thought it would be easier to sync up using the app when I didn’t want to make all the recipes in one week (I’m traveling so only wanted the list to include stuff for the two meals I’m making). I can do it by hand, of course—but I thought for $5 (yikes!!) I would have that ability. Why is this NOT a part of your app??

Great recipes

Also great shopping list feature

Best App I have - keeps getting better. Easy to use.

I have long said (I have had app since beginning I think) that this is the best app I have purchased... but I was wrong... sort of... because the app gets better and better as time goes by. Now the features of the news, about the diet, and the successful life change stories have made it even better. Great job team! I will continue to recommend to any who will listen 🌿🌱🥒🥑🥗

Best App Ever

I love using the FOK app. It's easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow. I can tag my favorite recipes to quickly reference them again and again and I especially like using the grocery list tool.

Love it!

This app is amazing. I absolutely love it and use it all the time. It has different categories of meals and really great desserts. It lists everything you need to buy when you go to the store on a check off list which makes it really easy. They have interesting ideas and things I would not have thought of for recipes so I enjoy it a lot. Definitely worth it.

Love the pictures

I love how this app looks, recipe photos are stunning . Food looks simple until you get to the recipe list and its ingredients that you don’t have on hand , like ever. Aquafaba , buckwheat flour, unsweetened apple sauce , coconut flakes, this is just a sample of what I am talking about . Almost every breakfast recipe requires aquafaba I’m sorry I don’t have cans of garbanzo beans laying around the house to use on a frequent basis nor do I have the water that I soak beans in just stored some where in my refrigerator. I want to make more recipes but I am frequently frustrated with the ingredient list. Please update this app with some more basic and practical recipes.

Not what I expected and not user friendly

With the app being $5 it was easily one of the most expensive apps I've purchased. For some reason I assumed this was going to be the Forks Over Knives meal planner which seems really cool but you need to upgrade at $100+ for the year to access all the recipes. On top of the price and not being what I expected the overall app isn't very user friendly. To be honest you can find plenty of vegan bloggers or youtubers with free recipes. Wanted to love it....

Love it!

Nice variety of recipes not found in other FOK resources!

Great app but..

This app is great for beginners and has great recipes but would love to see the calories per serving for each recipe and maybe even the basic macro nutrition information.

Missing my meal planner

Where’s the meal planner?!

Rate Recipes?

No way to have people see what other people thought of each recipe they made? It would be extremely useful to be able to rate a recipe so that you can see what others thought. I believe on the website they do have this ability but sadly on the app there is no such thing.

Great but....

I bought the app. Well designed. I am very disappointed to see "favorites" don't transfer between iPhone and iPad. I just spent 20 min favoriting a bunch of recipes and now i get to repeat it again. Sad.

Great app! Easy to use.

This app is great. My family loves the recipes.

My Treasure

I luv this app! It is so organized for me! I found great gluten free recipes and healthy desserts. I have been sharing recipes with friends and family too!

Easy to use & follow!

I’ve never been interested in learning much about cooking — so I eat mainly easy to prep raw foods and salads. I recently decided to learn some plant-based oil-free recipes and this app is my new best friend! I’m making delicious oil-free/gluten-free breads and soups so far. Can’t wait to try out more. The images are beautiful and help so much to illustrate, and the directions are awesome because they have 3 tabs for overview, ingredients, step-by-step method. You can favorite to bookmark recipes and you can click “add to shopping list” which I use all the time when trying out a new recipe. Thank you for such a helpful and great app!

Get this app!!

I love it! All the recipes are delicious. The ingredients are affordable and easy to find. The shopping list system is so practical when shopping, and the steos are easy to follow. The photos are beautiful and the results usually look like the photos, despite me never having been good at cooking! If I could give this app 10 stars, I would!

Great food...!!!

These are wonderful recipes. I love how it makes shopping sooo easy!!

Wonderful Starting Point

I love this app and the recipes, I use it all the time. The recipes are unique and help me so much with meal planning during the week. My biggest issue is that several of the recipes are very bland. This is easy to overcome if you know how to cook already, I just add spices to get the flavors I want. If you're a novice though, try using the app to find recipe ideas, then google to compare to other similar recipes and see what the differences are. Experiment, make notes about what you like, what you'll do differently next time. The app isn't perfect, but it's an amazing jump off point and a great tool for anyone looking for more plant based meal ideas.

No updates? New recipes?

After paying $5 for this app, I was disappointed to see that there aren’t very many recipes to choose from. I signed up for their emails and have seen a few good looking recipes that are only available with a paid subscription. It would be nice, since I paid for this app, to have access to some of the paid recipes! 😕

Great App!

Natural recipes with no processed ingredients. I learned how to sauté without oil, and yes, food tastes great. I love the grocery cart which also allows you to add other items not part of the recipe. New recipes are added frequently. I have recommended to several friends and I can easily share recipes with non users. Watch the fork over knives movie to truly appreciate the recipes and health benefits.

100% Plant Based and olive it

On August 28 Hurricane Harvey dropped massive amounts of rain on Houston, TX. Hours later the water rose out of the bayous and flooded many home including mine. Like many Houstonians I had no flood insurance. My family lost almost everything. I remember my 8 months pregnant wife saying to me, as our little 3-year old and 1-year old slept near by on a floor pallet, "at least we have our health". A week later as I was struggling to clean out the debris from our home I collapsed from a heart attack. I was lucky to be alive. After surgery I spent several days in VCICU thinking about my health, medical bills on top of restoration bills on top of other expenses and I felt like I was in a hole so deep that I could see no light. I was also diagnosed with diabetes, fatty liver and a host of other ailments. How could I be 42 and so unhealthy?! I got my answer a few weeks later when my wife and I went to a friends to watch FOK. Thank God! I could finally see light and I was ready to be honest with myself. I knew immediately that years of a fast food, high fat, heavy meat and diary diet had done me in and I decided that night I would change my life for good. The next morning, September 16, 2017, I woke up and made myself a Vegan breakfast and then a Vegan lunch and then a Vegan dinner and everyday since I have been 100% Vegan and Olive it (I love it)!! I've lost 35lbs in 6 weeks, my blood sugars have gone from an avg. of 270 to 91, my blood pressure and resting heart rate are the best they've ever been. In another 6 weeks I get to learn how much I've lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides, etc. NOW, here's how the FOK app has helped me. Trying to eat a Vegan diet from a cold start is very challenging. I have used over 30 of the recipes to date to make delicious, nutritious and filling meals for me and my family. They're not 100% plant based...yet, but they are practically Vegetarian. Even my Mom and Brother-n-law are doing it. The recipes are easy to follow and I love the shopping list. It really takes the guess work out of the process. I also like the favorites function which I use as my meal planner. This way of life is saving me and I feel better right now than I have in over a decade. Even my anxiety and depression is disappearing. The FOK app is a great tool for anyone following a plant based lifestyle. I don't know how we're going to pay our bills but at least now I can say, at least I have my health!

Love it

This app for a beginner is easy to use and get ideas from. Will continue to use very happy and healthy.

Love love love

And YUM!! Love the pictures and super easy format! This new vegan is in LOVE


I'm three weeks in on this diet, and this app is great!! The Thai noodles recipe is my fav!!! 😀

Could use some additional options.

As one reviewer said, this is essentially a digital cookbook, with the added benefit of a convenient shopping list. The two features it should contain are a meal planner, and an "unlike" recipe. There are a few recipes I have found I either don't like or would never be interested in making, yet I have to scroll through them each time I am searching for new recipes to try. So the "liked" and "I liked" recipes should be removed to make searching easier and less time consuming.

Great app

I love this app. It’s simple and gives you everything you need. It has a shopping list as well and it is organized into sections you will find in grocery stores. Genius!!!! Thank you again

Love the organized grocery list

I'm new to the app but it has made my transition to a plant-based diet a breeze. I'm a fan for sure.

Game changer

I really feel that with out this app, I wouldn't have been as successful in my plant based journey. I am a simple eater now but I still come back to this app to change up my meals for the month. When I first started this journey, I picked a few meals that looked appealing and ate those until I was sick of them! This app taught me that it's okay to love food and it be good for you too.

Love it!

This app has been both a great starting point for my family going plant based, as well as an easy way to quickly grab a new recipe to try! Thank you FOK!!


I've been using this app for a week or so, and am enjoying the recipes. Everything I have made has been very good! I'm a new vegan, and this has made my transition much easier.

Love it

My husband and I have tried several of the recipes, so glad to have this resource at hand and love the grocery shop list, can't wait to try all the recipes, now to get back to cooking;)


I love this app. Integrating heathy foods and meals has never been easier. My favorite bit is when you can add ingredients to a shopping list within this app and sorry them by aisle! I finally feel like a grown-up!


Excellent app! I live trying new recipes and know they are not only good for me but also for the environment!

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